How to play Black Jack {Most Popular Casino Game} ?

How to play BlackJack?

 The most preferred and trendy game in a casino is Black Jack. Black Jack is a tricky game in which a person has to know when and how the strategies need to be applied. The basic a person needs to know about the game is that he/ she needs to get as closer to 21 but not exceeding the number. This above rule is enough to play with your friends at home, it becomes a whole new thing in casinos as now you need to concentrate on defeating the dealer’s hand.

The focusing now is to shift from getting 21 to beating the dealer, you can beat the dealer by just having a 12 which is far away from 21. The dealer has the power to bust cards. For now, this much information is enough to understand the goal of the game. We will now discuss about the game play and the bet strategies you could apply to beat the dealer’s hand.


How to Bet in Black Jack?

In a single table 1-7 persons can play at a time. Every player can place his bets in the form of chips. These chips are given by the dealers according to your needs. The dealer would then distribute 2 cards to each player. Dealer would place 2 cards for him as well. The cards distributed to you would be faced upwards.

The dealer’s 1 card would face upward and 1 card downward. With this you can get a clue about how strong the dealer’s cards are. The cards of the other players can be seen by anyone. Seeing other player’s cards does not matter, as you are not competing with them. The main motive is to beat the dealer’s hand. The close you get to 21 just increases the chance of winning.


Black Jack Gameplay in Casino

The right most player is called 1st Base. The game starts from the 1st base and continues to move towards left player by player. The higher hand close to 21 wins the game. Beating the dealer by obtaining a higher card as close to 21 would be your goal. The dealer then gives card to each player asking him if they need any of they are going to stay with the card. If a person wants more cards, the extra card would be provided in order to increase his total and get closer to 21.

The extra card you would get is pure luck, if the card fetches you an addition which would exceed 21 then you are busted. If both the dealer and you are busted, then also you become the loser. So choosing to take an extra card can help you win as well as lose. This is the reason behind the casino’s success in Black Jack. Some terminologies you must know before going to a casino for playing Black Jack.

Those are mentioned below:

  • Double Down:This is a term for doubling your bet if you think you can win. When you double you need to take exactly one extra card and finish your turn.
  • Surrender: This is a rare option provided by some of the casinos. The option enables you to withdraw from the game and lose half of your placed bet. This option would have helped the players to lose only half of their money when they are likely to lose.
  • Hit: Hit simply means taking an extra card. You can hit or take as much card as you want and increase your card’s total to reach as close to 21. This may increase the chance for you to win the game.
  • Stand: Stand means to stay with your card without taking any extra card and passing your turn.
  • Split: When you get a card having same number, you can split them up and use them as a separate hand. You would be provided with one more card for each of your hand. Now when you are playing with two hands you need to place one more bet.

Once you have played your hand you cannot play again in the same round, so you need to take one card or pass your chance wisely. After every one has played their chance, now it’s the chance of the dealer.

The dealer would now open the card which was faced downward so that every player can see the card. The dealer has to hit until he reaches 17 or higher. The dealer is not allowed to take decisions about hit or stand seeing the other player’s cards. If the dealer would play seeing the other player’s card the House edge would become higher and no one would pay.


Scoring of the game

The cards J, K and Q have 10 points. Ace is counted as 11. If the Ace leads a player to be busted it would be counted as 1. Some general scoring rule are given below:

  • Win/Lose: You will be the winner if you have a total value of cards higher than the dealer, provided you are not busted. If you win you receive the exact amount i.e., if you bet $10 you will receive $10. If your card is lower than the dealer’s hand or you have been busted you lose the game. When you lose the game you do not receive any money.
  • Natural: If you receive an Ace and a card of value 10, then this type of combinations is called Natural or a Black Jack as it adds up to perfect 21. It is only said to be Natural if you are not dealt any extra card. In such cases you would receive your winning amount in the ratio 3:2. Which means if you bet $10 you would receive $15?
  • Push: If your hand and the dealer’s hand have same total points then it is said to be as Push. In these kinds of situations, you neither lose or win the bet.
  • Bust: When your hand adds up to more than 21 then you are said to be busted. Even if the dealer’s hand got busted you won’t win. You would lose your game and the bet.

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